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When car enthusiasts are in love with a car model, the next thing they do is to personalize it, and this is exactly the case with Tesla’s vehicles. Most Tesla owners love to customize their car to look stylish, and if you are also a fan of a truly unique car – then you should find your way to My Tesla Miami. Our detailing and Tesla car wraps in Miami concentrate on the 3 Tesla models, and all our experts know the ins and outs of Tesla Model X, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model 3, and the newest Model Y. As professionals, we’ve got what it takes to wrap, paint-protect or polish your Tesla car to give it an astounding look. Over the years, we’ve mastered the nuts and bolts of customization and protection, with window films, PDR, and clear bra installation and Tesla car wraps in Miami. This is why Tesla owners in Miami trust us as their go-to expert for Tesla customizations.

We are creative and professional Tesla customization shop, where we completely customize your Tesla car while focusing on client satisfaction and unbeatable customer service. We are fully experienced in the field of Ceramic Pro coatings, paint protection films, premium car detailing, ceramic window film, wrap film, & window tinting amongst others. Together our team has many years of experience and we strive daily with our team to deliver top quality detailing and car wraps at our Miami Tesla shop


  • Car wrap, full color change and accents
  • Chrome Delete blackout package
  • Paint Protection Film (PPF)
  • Ceramic Pro coatings
  • Premium car detailing
  • Ceramic Infrared solar window film
  • Front windshield protection film
  • Wheel powder coating
  • Carbon Fiber Accessories
  • Wheels & tires, colored calipers, and lowering springs
  • Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)
  • Partner with South Miami only Authorized Tesla Miami Collision center
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In times of unprecedented climate change, being the owner of a clean and swift car such as Tesla is a matter of pride. Your car says a lot about who you are; it is a statement of your personality and a reflection of your self-expression. My Tesla Miami offers custom car wrapping services for Tesla owners to help you express yourself even further. We can put together incredible designs that will, for sure, give that WOW factor as you drive down the road. Possibilities are endless when you have our team work on your wrap design. Stop by our shop or call today for a free custom wrap consultation. 

Affordable Design Solutions

Wrapping your Tesla is a much affordable option as opposed to paying a high ticket price to get the vehicle custom painted. Possibilities are endless when you have our team of professionals create your car wrap design. We can make just about any design you have in mind and install it within a few days. In some cases, you’ll be driving down the road within the same week in your new custom-designed ride. We are also able to show our clients online precisely how their new design will look like prior to installing it on their Teslas.

No Permanent Changes

A car wrap is a film that is imposed on the surface of the body of the car. This film is imprinted with the color and design of your choosing. It can keep your vehicle looking new for up to 5-7 years on average, even longer, depending on the choice of material. It can be removed or changed whenever you wish without causing any damage to the original paint. Having your car wrapped requires less maintenance, especially when you have it installed by our team of professionals at My Tesla Miami.

Simple and Quick

Getting a pre-made or custom design car wrap made and installed is a quick and straightforward process, unlike getting your Tesla custom painted. My Tesla Miami is the number 1 destination for personalization of your Tesla that can get the job done in no time.  Get your Tesla to My Tesla Miami today and add a touch of your style to your Tesla!

Work with the experts!

Vehicle wrapping and personalization brings many benefits. Your Tesla is protected against light scratches and you get color and design customization with our vehicle wrap and paint protection films. Add window film, and ceramic coating installation in Miami. Your Tesla is going to be completely unique and this is a good reason to have it customized and protected

Having partnered with  European Collision Center in South Miami,  one of the very few Authorized Tesla collision center in Miami, we are now able to handle everything from Full body car repair to Car wrap, Power coating wheels, caliper color change, paintless dent removal (PDR), Ceramic Pro coatings, premium car detailing, Xpel & Suntek paint protection films, premium solar window tinting to personalizing your Tesla interior! We can fully customize your Tesla car while focusing on client satisfaction and unbeatable customer service. Details make perfection, perfection is not a detail


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