Teslas are the highest tech cars out on the road, why not make yours pop out from the rest? At My Tesla Miami, we have a bunch of different accessories specially designed to tune up your Tesla Model Y. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of adding carbon fiber to your dashboard, mirror covers, and rearview mirrors.

1.   Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap Dashboard

Get rid of the basic dashboard look and make it pop with carbon fiber! Who doesn’t like how sick carbon fiber looks like? At My Tesla Miami, we have it available in many colors, and we guarantee you that it will completely transform the way your interior looks. Another great benefit is that while your interior looks slick with an excellent carbon fiber addition, it will protect your dashboard from any stains and overall particles that could damage your dashboard n the long run. Getting the vinyl wrap dashboard installed from the professional at My Tesla Miami is a no brainer.

2.   Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers

Made out of lightweight and high-quality material, these carbon fibers can be imposed on the outer surface of the rearview mirrors. These can instantly give your car a sporty look, and make its maintenance easier. It is the simplest and quickest way to make your car stand out.

These covers are designed to accurately fit the Tesla Model Y, and they come with an adhesive surface. The covers can simply be imposed on the surface; no drilling or permanent modification is required. Covers of different finishes are available at My Tesla Miami for you to choose from.

3.   Center console wrap

The center console is that part of the car that is exposed to spillage often because that’s where the cup holders are. The console wrap is a film of lightweight spill-proof vinyl that protects your console from any damage. It is super easy to clean and does not stain, plus it can also upscale your car interior game quickly!

At My Tesla Miami, you can choose your console wrap from a range of different colors and textures. To customize your Tesla Model Y visit our Tesla online Shop


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