Too often, we hear from potential customers that they found a ceramic coating service for less than $500 offered at another shop in Miami? How is this possible? Is this the greatest deal when compared to the ceramic pro packages that we offer at My Tesla Miami that range between $1,000 to $2,000 on average?

Well, we can at least all agree to one thing: “You get what you pay for”

There is no way possible to receive the same value work between a $500 coating services and a $1,000+ and we are going to explain you why as professionals

It is true, in this competitive world, we are all looking for the best deal but unfortunately the cheapest is rarely the best value. All Tesla owners have a different budget in mind and needs and ceramic coatings can be very confusing to uneducated customers.

Here are a few tips you should know before considering dropping off your Tesla to a professional shop offering ceramic coating services.

– Educate yourself about the type of coating used by the shop you are looking to work with. Can you buy it online? If yes, then it is not a professional ceramic coating.

– An experienced and professional detailing shop would always ask you questions about your Tesla. If you receive a final price over the phone without any questions as “what color is your Tesla? – How many miles does your Tesla have? Are you familiar with ceramic coating services?… Then chances are that the shop you are calling is only interested with your money and not assessing the work professionally.

– Visit the shop you are interested in working with before dropping off your car. Do not get sold by a price over the phone without understanding what you are getting in exchange. Either you spend $500, $1,000+, this is way more than a $30 car wash and we would hate to hear that you received the service of a car wash detailing disguised under a “ceramic coating” treatment.

– Understand that each package is correlated to time. If a shop tells you that they do the coating on the same day, then unless they have an army of workers on your car (which we wouldn’t recommend/ This is not a car wash), chances are that the shop is taking shortcuts to maximize their profits

As an average, a professional detailer will spend from 10 hours to 30 hours in order to prep, polish, coat and cure the ceramic coating

PRICE, One price fits all?

The answer is NO. It is very simple, a 10,000 miles black Tesla Model X and a brand new white Tesla Model 3 both require a different amount of time to perform a ceramic coating. The final price will be different despite the same exact package.

A light paint Tesla will always receive a better price than a dark paint finish. A newer car with less miles would always receive the best price


How do you judge it if this is your first time experience? That’s why we recommend to stop by and meet with the team. You will also be able to judge for yourself where your car will be staying overnight. Ask to meet the owner, if they are a reputable shop, the owner will be present. This business is about passion for cars before all.

WARRANTY? The best warranty is how you are going to maintain your car. Proper car wash every 2 to 3 weeks and a yearly ceramic coating maintenance is the only way to guarantee a long lasting shine and hydrophobic effect. A 2 year to 5 year warranty or lifetime warranty means nothing with improper maintenance since it will not be valid.

Investing in a professional grade and professional install is your best warranty too.

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