Would you love to change how your car looks? Perhaps make it look fancier? Custom wrapping is your best bet. You get to personalize or freshen up your car’s appearance without damaging the original look or features.

In wrapping a car, a large vinyl graphic is used to cover the original color of the vehicle. This allows you to change the look of your vehicle. If you intend to use the car for advertisement, the custom wrap will show your business logo, contact details, and other useful graphics that people will see when you drive around.

And the good news is, this process does not take time to finish, unlike repainting the car. Also, you can always remove the wrap if you feel like bringing back the original version of your vehicle.

Do you want to personalize your Telsa model 3? My Tesla Maimi is dedicated to offering you the best custom wrapping service in Miami, leaving you with a more stylish and fashionable car personalized to your taste.

Recently, one of our customers brought us his Tesla Model 3 Performance and requested a transformation so the car will look unique. He wanted full customization. As usual, we assured him of our top-notched delivery and got to work.

The process…

First off, the car’s original color was white, so we used 3M 2080 Gloss Atomic Teal vinyl wrap for the full-color change to ensure dimensional stability and durability.

We made sure the car wheels were powder coated in gloss white before covering them with custom wrapped center caps. For more smashing and sleek appearance, we added white carbon fiber vinyl accents. We also wrapped the side cameras of the car with colored vinyl matching modern Tesla emblem.

In adding finishing touches to the car, we customized a factory Model 3 Steering wheel by having it shaped to a Tesla Roadster steering wheel. We also covered the seats, interior trim, and steering wheels with Alcantara, a material known to be durable and resistant. A white custom paint finish was used along with the Alcantra.

All other car properties, such as music control, airbags, and autopilot, were all in good condition. Nothing changed. Our client left satisfied and very happy.

Bring your Tesla model 3 to the best Tesla custom wrap shop in Miami and have us modify it to your taste. In creating a custom wrap for your car, we have over 150 colors we pick from. So, there is no limitation. Our designs will make your car stand out from the crowd. Contact My Tesla Miami today!


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