Custom Model X Plaid in Miami, FL

The First Premium Electric Powered SUV

The Model X Plaid is a futuristic, stylish, and sleek electric vehicle that can go 250 miles on a single charge, accommodate seven passengers, and move more things than anyone would desire. It goes beyond the performance or the design alone. With the Model X Plaid, Tesla realized its goal of creating a fast, environmentally friendly mode of transportation that is also user-friendly.

Combining all of those qualities in one vehicle makes the SUV not just cool but also appealing. An SUV of this caliber deserves the utmost protection while still maintaining its elegant style. In that case, My Tesla Miami offers Tesla owners the best quality coating services, all customized to their individualized tastes and preferences. We specialize in Ceramic Pro coatings, Clear Bra film protection, Car Wraps, and so much more.

Armored Ceramic Pro Coating Services

When you invest in something as valuable as the Model X Plaid, your first instinct might be to protect your Tesla’s exterior to the best of your ability. Now, you can do it in style. Our Ceramic Pro coatings give Tesla vehicle owners to travel in style while simultaneously protecting the part of the car that is exposed and vulnerable to scratches. The Ceramic Pro 9H provides enhanced coverage, is developed for specific materials, including vehicle paintwork, and is backed by guarantees. This adds a comprehensive, scalable, semi-permanent layer of security to your Tesla.

The coating shields your car from harmful chemicals and impurities by forging a strong bond with the exterior paint, which makes the barrier very durable. My Tesla Miami offers the most precise Ceramic Pro coating services, which will undoubtedly protect your Tesla Model X Plaid from stains and scratches, making maintenance much easier.

ceramic pro Tesla Miami
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clear bra / ppf for tesla model x plaid

Clear Bra Services for Tesla Model X Plaid

Every Tesla owner wants to maintain the immaculate appearance of their Model X Plaid. Repairing a crack or blemish on an otherwise flawless bodywork may be expensive and drawn out. Now, with our simple and effective clear bra coatings, you can do just that! To provide your Model X Plaid with exceptional protection and lasting style, we at My Tesla Miami offer Clear Bra protective coatings.

Tesla Model X Plaid clear bra safety coatings can stop the expensive and severe damages that take away from your current car’s stunning aesthetic. The clear bra film layer for the Tesla Model X Plaid was engineered to shield the front hood, headlights, bumpers, and trim from fender benders, scratches, and other dents that are inescapable. Contact our team today to learn more about our clear bra services.

Paint Protection

Chemical Damage Shielding

Erosion Free Exterior

Convenient Cleaning Maintenance

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tesla model x plaid car wrap

Protect Your Tesla in Style With My Tesla Miami Car Wrap Services

Model X Plaid car wraps provide the security it needs while being personalized to your preferences. We at My Tesla Miami offer customers a wide variety of 3M wraps, with over 100 distinct colors available in various tints and texture options. These 3M Tesla Model X car wraps have a number of fantastic advantages, including a rapid installation process and a simple technique for removals without damaging your vehicle’s factory paint finish.

My Tesla Miami’s Tesla Model X wrap and vinyl services are available in a wide range of colors and designs, including satin, color flip, matte, and glossy. So, call us today to get your Model X wrapped by professionals. When you pick one of our Tesla Model X Plaid wraps, you are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd and impress your friends. Contact our team today!

tesla modeL x plaid individual services

Individual Services for Your Tesla Model X Plaid

At My Tesla Miami, we pride ourselves on being able to cater to our customer’s every need to correct and customize their Tesla Model X Plaid, which is why we offer a wide range of services to protect, elevate and enhance your vehicle from head to toe,  allowing you to travel in style. Our individualized services include paint corrections that restore the unique aesthetic of your Tesla, interior detailing to customize your Tesla to your preferences, wheel coatings to protect your pristine rims against dirt, window films to block out harmful UV rays, and so much more. We specialize in the following services:

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Tesla Model X Plaid Frequent questions

The installation crew at My Tesla Miami can design and manufacture a variety of professional wraps to whatever style you prefer for your Model X Tesla Plaid. We provide a variety of colors and finishes, and we can personalize your automobile to turn it into a moving work of automotive art.

The decision between car wraps and paint ultimately boils down to personal taste. Having a high-quality paint job may cost more than a high-quality vehicle wrap installed. A Tesla wrap’s main advantage is that it can be installed over the Tesla’s current paint job. Changing wraps is simple and doesn’t affect the integrity of the standard color below.

Yes, you can change car wraps easily – you obviously want to leave it to the professionals but so you know, anticipate between 1 to 2 days for our team to remove entirely a full color change wrap on your Tesla Model X plaid. The longer the film is on and the more it has been exposed to the sun, the longer the process will be but rest assured your factory paint beneath the wrap will not be harmed. You can then rewrap it with another vinyl color change or just enjoy again your untouched original factory paint color.


The durability of the automobile wrap is affected by a variety of factors. A Tesla Model X Plaid wrap that is kept up and stored in a garage or beneath a tarp will survive longer than one that is constantly exposed to the weather. Your vinyl vehicle wrap will last longer if you take precautions to maintain it, clean it thoroughly, and keep it free of contaminants that might harm it. If you follow the recommended cleaning and maintenance procedures, your wrap should last for at least five years.

Similar to how you would treat a typical paint job, treat your Model X Plaid wrap with the same level of care. There are a few factors to take into account in this. Your car will be subjected to more pollution if you reside in a more crowded urban location. These chemicals may cause the wrap to distort and become discolored. To preserve the paint or wrap from contaminants, temperature changes, and damage, it is always a good idea to park your car in a garage or cover it with a canvas tarp.

Your Tesla coating will respond like how a regular paint job would. The surface of your Tesla wrap should not be damaged by abrasive cleansers or rags. Soaking the contaminated area in warm, slightly soapy water is the best way to remove pollutants like bird droppings, tree sap, or bug spatter. Wipe away any leftover material with a soft microfiber cloth. If your Model X Plaid wrap still has residue, you can ask My Tesla Miami for a specific kind of solvent they recommend using, or you can take it to your detail shop for a thorough cleaning service.