Owning a clean, sustainable, and robust automobile like a Tesla in the times of overwhelming climate change is indeed extraordinary. Tesla is an illustrious name in the automobile industry and to own one is a statement in itself. If you wish to make a bigger and more personal statement, My Tesla Miami is the number one destination to customize your Tesla.

My Tesla Miami is the one-stop-shop for all your Tesla customization in Miami. You can personalize your car any way you want, whether it is the interior or the exterior. You can now have your Tesla Model S, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model X, and Tesla Model Y custom-designed by professionals.

Whether you want your car’s exterior to look like the batmobile (yes, custom car wraps can make that happen), or wanted a custom mixed color for the body, or a premium cruelty-free leather seats, we can do it all at our Miami Tesla shop. No request is too bizarre for the top Tesla customization destination.

The days of judging a book by its cover and people by their clothes are gone. Today your mode of self-expression is what matters to the world. Personalizing your car is an elegant and classy way of showing who you are without having to say it.

We understand that your car is precious to you, and you would not want to trust an amateur with it. Our team of experts is comprised of artists who treat your vehicle as an exquisite piece of art. We guarantee a hassle-free and satisfactory car customization experience.

Model S

It is both a fast and smart car with 0-60 mph in 2.3 seconds and best in class storage. If you wish to chase the speed with comfort and style, opt for premium leather-lined seats and electric red body paint and custom art with PPF (Paint Protection Film).

Model 3

A strong and robust model, safe for you and the environment. Go for the quality cruelty-free leather for your interiors and lustrous body paint to ride clean with class.

Model X

A safe family car for the conscious and smart. Who said that family cars have to look simple and boring. Opt for gorgeous waterproof interiors because kids will not stop spilling, and custom car wraps with PPF to prevent scratches.

Model Y

A spacious, multi-terrain drive perfect for adventurous families. Go for premium spillproof interiors with an elegant custom mixed paint with PPF for all-weather protection.


For all car personalization needs of owners of Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y, My Tesla Miami is the best Tesla enhancement shop in Miami. You name it, and we make it happen!.

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