Not your average Tesla Model 3 car wrap in Miami … well, maybe worldwide too!!!

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Having owned our Tesla Model 3 dual motors since late 2018, the First Class Autosports Team is proud to say that this time “we took it to the next level” in the Tesla car wrap and Tesla restyling market

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Miami, just like Los Angeles / California is always on top of the car game for the coolest and the most creative vehicle wraps

You may have seen our Neon Yellow 3M car wrap Tesla Model 3 with lowered suspensions and custom 20 inch Vossen wheels in the streets of Miami? This was definitely not a personal choice but really a way to showcase that car wraps are available in so many colors that are very difficult to achieve with a professional paint job. Not to say that once you car is painted in neon yellow, you don’t have a lot of options to remove it besides hoping to sell the car or repaint your Tesla again with a different color affecting it resale value or making it a big deal if you leased it!

At First Class Autosports Miami, we are more  traditional and old fashion.  The majority of our vinyl car wrap projects are matte black, satin black and matte dark grey but we all know that these colors  do not create the wow factor

For this particular new project ,we got inspired by a friend of ours who asked us to make decals for her friend Bachelorette party, she brought her own stickers which were so unique and cool, they were iridescent and holographic. She called it the mermaid vinyl

That was it! We had to wrap somewhat the Tesla Model 3 with this same exact finish. Unfortunately, there is no such thing than a professional car wrap vinyl with these specification

After doing some research, our team decided to order a regular vinyl film very similar to the one we did the decals for our friend and worked on finding a way to install this material on to the complex curves of the Tesla Model 3.

This was definitely a challenge but we made it happen and here is the result

To make our Tesla  even more unique, our team added white reflective vinyl with Hexagon shapes you can find under the Tesla frunk (front trunk) for aluminum reinforcement. This specialty vinyl reflects the light at night just like a Police car or emergency vehicle

The hexagons are also part of the logo of My Tesla Miami

Hope you enjoy our work and that will be able to see our Tesla in the streets of Miami!

It won’t last too long, we already ordered new wheels for our next look!!!

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