PPF or clear bra is a protective coating that protects the body of your Model Y from damage caused by dust particles, rocks, and minor scratches. It is a transparent film that can cover certain parts of the body or the entire car. Besides being an excellent shield for your Tesla Model Y, it is 100% transparent, which doesn’t affect the color of your vehicle. It’s one of the best options to protect your Model Y and maintain it looking new.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight often creates heat spirals on the paint; this becomes noticeable as ripples over time. For anyone who loves their Tesla, getting paint protection film for Model Y installed from the pros is a must- My Tesla Miami is a no brainer decision. We are the best Tesla shop in Miami hands down.


Once Clear bra is wrapped around your Model Y’s body, it is not noticeable. It does not spoil the aesthetic of your car at all. It does keep your car as good as new, preventing any weather or natural damage. Owning and driving a Tesla is a statement in itself. Every chipped paint particle is like chipping away a piece of who you are, but don’t you worry My Tesla Miami is here to make sure your Model Y stays as beautiful as the day you got it.

We are experts in catering to all your Model Y customization needs in Miami. We know that no one who buys a Tesla keeps it the garage locked away. It is a great vehicle to be cruised around (and even shown off). Clear bra ensures that nothing can stop you from enjoying your car, not even the sun and particles that make hit your vehicle as you’re driving on the highway.

How you treat your ride says a lot about you. Keep your vehicle shining, spotless, and lustrous like yourself with paint protection film for Model Y. If you’ve customized the paint job on your  Tesla Model Y, Clear bra is a must for you. Our top-notch professionals at My Tesla Miami are here to help you with all your needs to improve the aesthetic look of your Tesla Model Y. Call today for a free consultation on Clear bra services Miami!


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