Tesla is the car to get these days. Who doesn’t want a car with all the best features? Even if the features don’t make your heart beat faster, Tesla’s are the most environment-friendly cars. There’s no other reason for you not to get one if you can unless you’re worried about the short-range of factory colors Tesla offers.

If you have a Tesla, I’m sure that you’ve also felt this particular drawback. But there’s good news; My Tesla Miami specializes in giving your Tesla cars an incredible new look! We have an endless range of Vinyl Wrap colors for Tesla vehicles for you to choose from and just about any color you can think of. We offer satin key west blue, matte orange, matte black, or even gold finishes according to what you want! The possibilities are endless.

We also offer custom vinyl wrap services for our clients, which can match your entire car to suit your taste. If you so wish to, we can also wrap parts of the interior to match the vinyl wrap on the exterior. How awesome is that?

At My Tesla Miami, there’s no custom vinyl wrap design for Tesla or look that we can’t reproduce om your Tesla. You want your Tesla to look like a setting sun; we’ll make it look like a setting sun.

We’ve met some clients who are worried about having their cars covered with vinyl wraps. Some of the common questions we get are, will the vinyl wraps affect the original paint on my Tesla? Can I have the vinyl wrap removed without the original color getting compromised?

Yes, the vinyl wraps are removable, and whenever you want them to come off, we’ll get them off. This means that your car can rock as many looks within a  year as you wish! When we remove the vinyl wraps, your vehicle can go back to rocking its original paint color.

My Tesla Miami has the best custom vinyl wraps for Tesla’s in Miami as well as an excellent customer service to go with it. You can be sure that we’ll be cautious with your Tesla to ensure that the underlying original paint on your Tesla is protected.

Also, rather than damage your paint, the vinyl wraps protect your paint from the sun and other weather elements. Our custom vinyl wraps don’t just decorate your Tesla; it also protects it.

What you need to know about My Tesla Miami is that we are dedicated to providing the best Tesla custom vinyl wraps in Miami. Whatever color and finish you’d like your Tesla to have, we can reproduce for you. With us, the possibilities and range of colors are limitless!

You can rest easy knowing that we’ve wrapped other cars, including race cars. We have also wrapped bigger vessels like boats and other bigger cars, so your Tesla is safe with us. Our workers are trained and have years of experience wrapping Tesla cars.

Contact us today at My Tesla Miami! If you can dream it, we can wrap it.

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