Tesla Cybertruck Customization in Miami, FL

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Your Tesla Cybertruck is no ordinary vehicle, so why take it to a shop that will treat it like just another truck coming for enhancements or restyling? At My Tesla Miami, we work exclusively on Teslas. From sourcing to developing protective coatings and products specifically for your Tesla Cybertruck and its unique attributes, our aim is to ensure longevity for your Cybertruck while maintaining its appearance.

With our services that come together to form the ultimate defense system, your Cybertruck can effectively and effortlessly combat any challenge or damage that comes its way. Invest in our custom-fit solutions that offer seamless coverage without compromising on style, and steal the spotlight.

cybertruck ceramic pro

It’s a well-known fact that Tesla does not offer the most durable quality of paint on their vehicles. Due to this, many Tesla owners search for repaints or ceramic coatings. My Tesla Miami offers professional nano ceramic coating to protect your Cybertruck’s stainless steel finish, ensuring its longevity and preserving its pristine condition.

Ceramic Pro coating drives away any dirt or debris, protecting your Cybertruck surface without frequent visits to a car wash. On average, this coating lasts around 3-5 years, during which time its impenetrable layer of defense stops chemicals, pollutants, and stormy weather from harming your Cybertruck surface.

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paint protection film / ppf for cybertruck

paint protectioin film Cyber truck Miami

protect your cybertruck with ppf

Paint protection film (PPF) is a transparent layer of defense applied to your Cybertruck’s stainless steel finish. While this shield of protection fades away scratches or any unwanted marks from your Tesla, you may wonder what makes it any different from a ceramic coating and why you should get it. Ceramic Pro coating guards your Tesla Cybertruck from UV rays and prevents dirt from sticking to it. In contrast, PPFs help sustain your Cybertruck’s stainless steel finish.

With its self-healing properties that reduce the effect of wear and tear, it ensures that your Cybertruck’s stainless steel finish stays intact. Although getting tiny marks and scratches on your Cybertruck’s exterior is a normal aspect of driving, applying a paint protection film to your Tesla can maintain its factory-fresh appearance for up to 5-10 years.

Whether you want a full-car PPF service or want a layer of protection on only the high-impact zones of your Cybertruck, we’ve got you covered. 

paint protection film matte/stealth

If you’re looking to style and simultaneously protect your Cybertruck, then look no further, as a matte paint protection film is all you’ll need for your Tesla. A matte/stealth PPF preserves the showroom appearance of your Cybertruck while giving it a subtle touch of refinement that will make it stand out from other trucks on the road. Apart from embellishing your Cybertruck with a sleek and elegant design, our premium quality PPFs protect your Cybertruck with their self-healing properties. This saves your Cybertruck’s exterior from scratches and marks, thereby saving you time, effort, and money. With matte films, you get all the benefits of a standard coat of PPF with the addition of a diffused look and satin-like finish.

Color Infused Paint Protection Film

Perhaps the greatest thumbs-down moment with the Tesla Cybertruck is that it’s limited to only one color. If you’re not satisfied with your Cybertruck’s color or want to experiment with a new style while ensuring it’s protected from everyday dangers, color PPFs are the way to go. Combine the protection and benefits of a standard PPF with the aesthetics of a colored vinyl. Our colored PPFs are anything but thin or fragile. Instead, they offer rock-chip protection, unparalleled thickness, and longevity. The best part is they give your Cybertruck a $20,000 “paint job” for less than half of this cost.

Paint Protection

Chemical Damage Shielding

Erosion Free Exterior

Convenient Cleaning Maintenance

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cybertruck custom wraps in miami

Vinyl Car Wraps

Tesla Cybertruck owners often complain about their Cybertruck’s stainless steel finish chipping off or the lack of a protective layer to guard their Cybertruck from hard water and stains. In such circumstances, getting a vinyl Cybertruck wrap is the right choice, but with the high cost charged for this service, Cybertruck owners usually don’t opt for it. If you’re facing the same issue and want to opt for a vinyl car wrap for your Cybertruck, My Tesla Miami offers budget-friendly and efficient Cybertruck wrap services. Our full Cybertruck wraps can totally revamp your Cybertruck’s look, securing your truck’s original color and providing it with a custom color of your choice in different finishes and textures.

Printed Custom Vinyl Wrap

For Cybertruck owners who want to step into the lane of enhanced Cybertruck design and are looking forward to adding an extra oomph to their Cybertruck, then a printed custom vinyl wrap is for such visual enthusiasts. Similar to a vinyl car wrap, a custom vinyl wrap offers you a protective layer over your Cybertruck, with additional customization options like adding a custom image, pattern, or text.

cybertruck ceramic window tint

cybertruck ceramic tint Miami

Ceramic Window Tint for cybertruck

Did you know that the glass on your Cybertruck is craftily engineered to block UV rays? 

Unfortunately, there is no protection from the heat-producing IR, be it on the sides, or the rear windows. Our ceramic films keep these infrared rays at bay and can considerably lower the interior temperature by up to 25 degrees. 

Apart from providing comfort, this eliminates the need for automatic air conditioning even when your Tesla is parked.

Installing ceramic window tint on your Cybertruck is one of the greatest favors you can do for yourself and the Cybertruck. It’s like giving your Tesla a subtle makeover that gives it a more dominating personality. Moreover, when a Tesla Cybertruck roams the roads, it will definitely make heads turn. 

Ceramic window tint protects you and the interior of your Cybertruck and ensures that onlookers do not breach the privacy of anyone riding with you.

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ceramic window tint Miami
Tesla cybertruck ceramic tint shades in Miami

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tesla cybertruck Frequent questions

Color Infused Paint Protection Film is a wet application film and should only be installed by a professional and certified shop. Some manufacturers offer also dry install film – ultimately, what matters is the color finish of the film since each brands have different ones.

Color paint protection films also known as Fashion PPF give you both the restyling and the protection in one film – in addition the finish looks very close to paint finish with a high shine and low orange peel effect.

Color infused paint protection film is made of PTU Thermoplastic polyurethane, it last longer than a vinyl wrap and has the property to self heal just like the clear paint protection film.

  • High elasticity across the entire hardness range
  • Excellent low-temperature and impact strength
  • Resilience to oils, greases, and numerous solvents
  • Good flexibility over a wide temperature range
  • Robust weather and high-energy radiation resistance

Yes, it is the easier finish to maintain.

Some films are but we always recommend to have a professional ceramic coating added to the surface of the film and maintain it yearly with a professional booster coating.


Depending on maintenance, care, and manufacturer warranties, Color Infused Paint Protection Film is warranted between 5 and 10 years from manufacturer imperfection, it doesnt mean it will be replaced if it’s damaged or scratched – in this case it must be replaced at cost This includes, but is not limited to, peeling, tears, deep scratches or other signs of neglect.


Yes. This film can be installed on your vehicle even if it’s under a lease. When the lease period ends, you might be asked to remove or replace damaged components of the film before returning the vehicle.


Installation times will vary. Installation may take 5 to 6 business days from the time that you drop off your vehicle. Will jambs be included with the film installation? Jambs are not included. Speak with a My Tesla Miami Specialist if you would like to add door jambs for an additional cost but it’s not recommended.


This is a self-healing paint-film that can be, polished, clay barred and ceramic coated just like traditional automotive paint. If the vehicle is taken through an automatic car wash, the paint-film should return to its original condition within 24-48 hours if micro-scratches occur.


If the film is split, torn or otherwise needs replacement, schedule a service appointment with My Tesla Miami to have maintenance done on the Paint Protection Film. Each panels have a different cost of replacement.


Yes. Absolutely.

In general, your vehicle must be free from any dents, nicks and scratches. Any irregularities will telegraph to the film and accentuate the irregularity. My Tesla Miami will perform a pre-installation inspection of your vehicle’s paint and may direct you to have paint correction completed before we are able to accept the vehicle for the installation of this product.

Absolutely, investing in paint protection film for your Tesla Cyber Truck is highly recommended. It shields the Cyber Truck’s exterior from road debris, stone chips, and environmental factors, preserving its sleek design and ensuring long-lasting aesthetic.

Yes! Tesla recommends putting paint protection on your car if you want to keep it looking newer for longer.

The Tesla Cybertruck has a stainless-steel exoskeleton, making it highly resistant to rust. Despite this, ensuring its enduring appeal requires diligent maintenance to ward off any potential rusting issues.

Absolutely! The Tesla Cybertruck’s distinctive angular design lends itself well to vehicle wraps. Our installers can apply custom wraps, altering the appearance while safeguarding the original paint. Since there are no factory personalization options, a quality vinyl wrap offers a durable, reversible, and cost-effective solution to customize your Cyber Truck.

At My Tesla Miami, the cost of Paint Protection Film (PPF) for your Cybertruck can vary based on factors like coverage preferences and the specific PPF brand. Contact us for a personalized quote and exceptional PPF service tailored to your Tesla Cybertruck’s unique design.

Dynamic PPF provides numerous advantages for your Tesla Cybertruck, including exceptional protection for its OEM paint, self-healing capabilities against minor scratches, resistance to stains, and a premium finish that enhances the Cybertruck’s unique design with genuine depth and shine.

Certainly, maintaining Dynamic PPF for your Tesla Cybertruck is straightforward. Regular washing every 10-14 days with a pH balanced soap like FIRST CLASS AUTOSPORTS Car Wash Soap is recommended. Additionally, applying FIRST CLASS AUTOSPORTS Wrap Shine or a comparable quick wax between washes ensures optimal care for your Cybertruck’s protection.

The film’s lifespan relies on aftercare and proper vehicle maintenance. The factory rates it with a 5-year guarantee, but with diligent care, it can surpass this period. The 5-Year Limited Warranty covers manufacturing defects, yellowing, delamination, bubbling, or cracking. Contact our My Tesla Miami team for your free consultation and estimate!