Custom Tesla Model S Plaid in Miami, FL

Premium upgrades and customization for your model s plaid

One of the most recent versions of high-end electric vehicles is the Tesla Model S Plaid, which has a new rechargeable battery construction, an enhanced heating system, carbon-over-wrapped motor rotors, and a record-breaking drag coefficient of 0.208. The four-door electric sedan breaches the two-second limit, something no modern car has ever been able to achieve, going from 0 to 60 in 1.99 seconds. It can run a quarter mile in 9.23 seconds, has a peak speed of 200 mph, and produces 1,020 horsepower. With the two-motor setup, the automobile can go 412 miles on a single charge, and the battery can travel 390 miles.

My Tesla Miami provides the best Model S Plaid customization services, all of which are tailored to each Tesla owner’s unique preferences and priorities. We are experts in Car Wraps, film protection, coatings, and numerous other services. Stop by My Tesla Miami today or give us a call to speak to one of our awesome team members to begin your Teslas customization process.

ceramic pro for tesla model S Plaid

Ceramic Pro is the best choice if you want to preserve your Tesla Model S Plaid and keep it in pristine condition. Ceramic Pro coatings protect your Tesla Model S Plaid to keep it looking trendy and elegant and to keep its worth high. At My Tesla Miami, we provide the best Ceramic Pro 9H finish, which helps shield your Tesla from minor scrapes, paint chips, and body damage.

Our Ceramic Pro coating is intended to offer your Tesla Model S Plaid multi-layer protection by permanently adhering to your car’s paintwork. The result is a long-lasting and impenetrable layer of defense to stop chemicals, pollutants, and bad weather from harming your car’s surface.

ceramic pro Tesla Miami
My tesla Miami ceramic pro 9h Authorized installer miami ceramic pro near me

clear bra / ppf for tesla model S plaid

Clear Bra Coating for Tesla Model S Plaid

Clear Bra paint protection film offers the best defense against impending scratches brought on by tiny pebbles, dust, and debris while you’re driving. You can keep your Tesla Model S Plaid in top shape for many years to come and make it resistant to any harm with the most recent Suntek Ultra clear bra. The bumper, hood, and headlights of your Model S Plaid can all be coated with this protective transparent film, minimizing your risk of damage. To provide our customers with the greatest level of protection, My Tesla Miami offers the best clear bra coatings, including the brand-new Xpel Ultimate Plus paint protection film.

You can protect the paintwork of your Tesla Model S Plaid against expensive damages that reduce the cost of your purchase by using the clear bra protector. As the #1 Tesla auto experts in Miami, we pride ourselves on our wrapping expertise; contact our team today for your complimentary consultation.

Increases Resale Value

Low Maintenance

Protects Paint

Easily Removable

Interested in customizing your Model S Plaid and keeping it looking brand new? Contact our team today!

tesla model S plaid car wrap

Customizable Car Wraps by My Tesla Miami

My Tesla Miami brings you the newest Tesla car wraps to keep your vehicle in excellent shape. Designed to accommodate different styles and preferences, our wraps come in a wide range of customizable shades to choose from. These Tesla Model S Plaid car wraps offer excellent protection from external hazards in addition to an aesthetically pleasing finish. We guarantee you the highest grade of Tesla Model S Plaid wraps that will last you for years. Start your Teslas customization process and stand out from the crowd with the help of our incredible graphics design team and professional wrap installers. Contact our team today for your complimentary consultation. 

tesla model S plaid individual services

Our Many Services for Tesla Model S Plaid

My Tesla Miami takes pride in its ability to meet each and every demand our clients have to repair and modify their Tesla Model S Plaid, which is why we provide an assortment of services to safeguard, revitalize, and optimize your Tesla from top to bottom, allowing you to bring your own vision to your vehicle. Our extensive list of customized services includes window tints to block out harmful rays, wheel polishing to preserve your shiny rims from grime, interior detailing to personalize your Tesla to your liking, leather softening to ensure maximum comfort as you drive around, and so much more. Our areas of expertise are as follows:

Create the Tesla Model S Plaid you want with our automotive custom wrap experts! Get a free customization quotE!

Frequent questions we receive

We do not recommend waxing your new vinyl wrap – please inquire about our vinyl wrap ceramic coating options so we can assist you – as professionals and experienced vinyl wrap installers, we can give you the best recommendations on how to keep your new vinyl wrap looking good over years

Your new Tesla Model S Plaid car wrap may be left on for a good amount of time to enjoy your new look. Most Tesla owners will keep the wrap on for 2 to 3 years as an average. Maintenance cleaning routine and minimizing sun exposure are the 2 most important factors to keep your new Tesla Model S plaid wrap looking good.

Before the wrap installation procedure starts, all Tesla Model S Plaid automobiles will go through a paint inspection by one of our specialist

It will be helpful to bring your new Tesla Model S plaid clean to our team on the day of your drop off but rest assured there will be additional steps that our team will do to guarantee the best vinyl wrap installation – some examples are iron decontamination, clay bar, light polish etc…

The possibilities for your personalized Tesla wrap are virtually endless. In many circumstances, a personalized car wrap will be less expensive than a paint job, but the price will increase if you want specific designs or other features. For a cost estimate on your personalized Tesla Model S Plaid vinyl wrap, you may contact us directly to schedule a free consultation with one of our Tesla restyling specialists

Pressure washers may harm your Tesla vinyl wrap. They may raise the wrap in some places if they are held at a specific angle. Although pressure washing is not the best way to clean a car, in some cases, the car wrap should be able to withstand the pressure. When it comes to cleaning vinyl Tesla color chang wrap, hand washing is the method of choice. Please inquire with our team on the best way to wash and maintain your new Tesla Model s Plaid

While damage is inevitable, there is no need for concern. Simply call us at My Tesla Miami as soon as you discover the damage and schedule a time for us to see the damage and discuss your options. Sometimes the damages are contained to a small region, making it possible to apply a fresh wrap over the damaged layer. In other situations, the complete Tesla Model S Plaid wrap could be affected, and you might need a new one.