Powder coating is a technique that is widely used by consumers and industries to give metals a protective and decorative finish. It is a process that involves spraying powder on the surface of the metal electrostatically. The powder is a mixture of specific small pieces of resin and pigment. These particles are electrically charged as you spray on the surfaces like your wheel rims.

The charged powder particles attach to the electrically grounded surfaces until it is heated in the curing oven to form a smooth coating. What you get in the end is an attractive surface.

That said, you can improve the appearance of your Tesla Model Y wheels through powder coating. This can be achieved while reducing the cost of purchasing custom rims. When your Tesla wheels start to look worn out, you can refinish them by powder coating your wheels instead of buying new ones.

Do you plan on powder coating your Tesla Model 3 wheel? Do you want to save costs by powder coating your wheel? My Tesla Miami offers a powder coating service that gives your wheel an attractive finish.

We take the wheels from the car once they arrive at our shop and send it to a professional powder coating shop.

How we prepare the wheels for the powder coating process

To prepare the wheels for powder coating, each of them gets stripped. Stripping the wheels has several mechanical and chemical methods. It is essential to prepare the wheels for powder coating to produce a quality, durable, and attractive finish.

Although there are other methods of improving the durability and appearance of your wheel, powder coating your wheel remains the best technique.

The following are the advantages of powder coating your wheel instead of painting your wheel.

  1. Powder coating is more durable 

The particles from the powder coating are sprayed on your wheel and baked at high-level heat in an oven. With this, the coating fuses, developing a curing process that will make the wheels durable.

Also, the resulting colors stay vibrant, and the surface will be resistant to fading, chipping, and scratching.

  1. It reduces processing time 

Since no flash off period is needed and no solvent is used, the powder processing time is usually shorter than wet paints. What this means is, it saves time and space as the powder-coated particles can move directly into the oven.

  1. Powder coating help lessen health risks  

Powders do not contain solvent, which helps minimize throat, mouth, and nose irritation. However, if your skin comes in contact with liquid paint, you need to wash the affected area with warm water.

  1. It is more environmentally friendly 

Powder coating Tesla is more environmentally friendly. While powder coating does not contain solvents, liquid paint contains solutions with pollutants called volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Powder coating releases negligible amounts of VOC’s into the atmosphere, which pose no harm to the environment. There is, therefore, no need to maintain expensive pollution control equipment.

  1. It is cleaner to use 

It is much cleaner to apply powder as compared to wet paint. Since it requires a rubber squeegee, a spray booth can be easily cleaned. An operator can use an industrial vacuum cleaner to remove any powder spill spotted outside the booth.

Tesla wheel powder coating is five times thicker than paint, and it comes with a warranty. Call our team of professionals today for a free consultation!


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