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top essentials for your new tesla

Welcome to the essentials page for your new Tesla. Congrats on buying the world’s most exciting electric car! Now it’s time to find out more about how you can customize and restyle your Tesla to make it uniquely yours. Our team of Car Enthusiasts specializes in Tesla modifications for Model S, 3, X and Y. We have become the best in the Miami area for Tesla Modifications and we want to share more about what we can do with your Tesla. In this page you’ll find four of our most popular Tesla customization services that are essential for Tesla owners.

Ceramic Pro Coating

Ceramic pro coatings are the current leaders in surface protection for Teslas. This coating uses nano-ceramic for invisible surface and paint protection.

Ceramic Window Tint

Ceramic window tints block 99.9% of all UV radiation and up to 96% of Infra Red Rejection. These tints are the best in the business and engineered for superior levels of clarity from the inside cabin.

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film for a Tesla can prevent stone chips and wear and tear on the quality of your paints. We professionally paint protect all Tesla Models.

Vehicle Wrap Color Change

Change up the color of your Tesla with a professional Tesla wrap. We use the best in new wrap from matte to gloss finish to give your new Tesla a unique look.

Ceramic pro coating

Professional grade nano-ceramic coatings for a Tesla can protect your paint and ensure that you can keep your car cleaner for longer. These coatings help to protect your paint job and cause dust to fade off your exterior with ease. Ceramic Pro repels dirt and debris and ensure your Tesla stays cleaner for a longer period of time. Ceramic Pro coating from My Tesla Miami will improve the life span of your Tesla paint job and preserve it from the elements. The coating can last for 3-5 years on average which in the long run comes out less expensive that having to wax your Tesla for up 5 years. Contact us today by giving us a call or fill out our contact form.

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Superior quality customer service

We work quickly to customize any model Tesla with a number of aesthetic modifications. We can help you preserve your paint, protect your investment and access the perfect look for your car. We work with the best Tesla mod mechanics in the industry and with the best tools to ensure fast, precision results for our customers.

Amit G.
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Fantastic team of people, gave great guidance and did an excellent job on the car. I got the ceramic coating, protective film on the front and tinting all around. You get your money's worth, exceptional service and quality. Julie, Hugo and Alphonso are all great. Getting the calipers done this week. Highly recommend if you are picky about how your car looks.
Jake G.
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Julie and the team at My Tesla Miami made my first window tinting experience a 10/10. They were prompt, professional, and highly skilled. They finished the job ahead of schedule and I rolled out of the shop the same day with my dream car. I will definitely be a repeat customer. THANK YOU!
Orsure F.
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It was a pleasure to work with, Julie, Hugo, and Alphonso at My Tesla Miami. Julie was on point answering all of my questions and a pleasure to work with. She helped me with design suggestions for my Model Y. My Tesla came out better than what I imagined! The entire team was amazing and did such a great job. I highly recommend hiring them for your needs!
Benjamin S.
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Hugo & team are incredible. So attentive and creative, they really made me feel like an important part of their business as they transformed my Tesla Model Y into a sleek, unique attention grabbing machine. Hats off to this amazing group. Highly recommend.
Ami G.
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Alfonso, Julie and owner Hugo are wonderful! Customer service # 1 priority! The work done at the shop is stellar! That combined with highest level of customer service is a winning combination. The team is professional, so friendly and knowledgeable. This is my second time using them to wrap my Tesla X and finally product continues to be consistently superior! Thank you all!

Ceramic window tinting for your Tesla can reduce the cabin temperature considerably and help get the most range from your electric vehicle battery. The latest in ceramic window tints offers the best new technology in repelling UV and Infrared radiation in the cabin of your vehicle. These tints eliminate 99% of UV radiation in your Tesla and reduce cabin temperatures by up to 25 degrees on a warm day. Our premium Ceramic window tint comes with a lifetime warranty and professional installation. If you are interested in installing a ceramic window tint for your new Tesla, contact us today.

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paint protection film

Paint protection film for a Tesla can protect your paint job from hazardous driving conditions. These are powerful films that can repel stone chips, preserve the look of your paint and more. Ceramic coatings will protect your Tesla from UV radiation and fading but PPF treatment will work to keep your paint job intact when it is faced with stone chips, wear and tear and more. Our premium Films have self healing properties. Impact related scratching happens often in everyday driving. With PPF, your Tesla can look factory fresh for 5-10 years after it is applied.  Contact our team today if you are interested in a paint protection film application for your Tesla in any model.


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car wrap color change

A full car wrap for your Tesla can completely change the look of your ride. Our  experts can create custom looks for your Tesla including spectacular paint effects, textures, graphics and more. A Tesla wrap color change  protects your original paint while also giving you a custom look for years to come. Our quality vinyl car wraps come in different finishes and textures. If you are ready to change the look of your Tesla, we are the place to get the ideal custom wrap for Tesla’s. Contact our team for your free Tesla wrap consultation and estimate.