Perhaps you have heard a few things about glassparancy. Yes, it is so much like a typical ceramic coating. But, how much do you know?

Besides, what gain is glassparancy to your Tesla? If such issues are what you seek answers to, you are reading the right article.

What is glassparancy?

Glassparancy is a distinct form of ceramic coating that uses complex nanotechnology to safeguard the hydrophobic nature of your vehicle’s window. Unlike other forms of ceramic coating, glassparancy reacts chemically with silica to create an unmatched protection for your vehicle.

Moreover, glassparancy goes beyond its water-repelling functions. Most importantly, it increases a driver reaction time by enhancing his/her vision at times of severe weather.

Why you should consider glassparancy for your Tesla 

Ask around in circles of professional installers, glassparancy is the current choice of window coating. Why?

Glassparancy bonds easily to the silica within glass surfaces such as your Tesla’s windows. That specific attribute makes it easier to protect the windows of your vehicle.

Other benefits of glassparancy include:


Window coating for Tesla ensures that your vehicle retains its gorgeous designs. More so, it doesn’t create shadows or any other form of modifications on your windows.

Imagine a window free of dirt, oil, dust, and bug remains – and other materials that make your windows unclean. Such a window is what glassparancy offers.


Maintaining the aesthetics of your vehicle is delightful; safety, however, trumps aesthetics. It is beautiful that glassparancy offers both.

Fundamentally, glassparancy for Tesla enhances your vision while driving due to its ability to micro-bed and repel water off your windshield. Also, glassparancy restricts other hindrances such as oil, dust, and dirt from clogging your vision.

Ultimately, glassparancy reduces day and night glares, and you get to experience driving your vehicle safely and comfortably. Mind you, the safety isn’t just for the driver: you. It is equally for the passengers and the environment as a whole.

One-time application

Another delightful thing about choosing glassparancy for your vehicle is that you only need to install it once. You won’t need to refine or fix a new glassparancy on the same vehicle later.

Furthermore, glassparancy requires no after-installation time before use. After fixing it, you can zoom off immediately in any kind of weather.  Summarily, glassparancy enhances your vision and ensures safety for you and other passengers. It is undoubtedly a great choice of window coating for your Tesla.


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